SCAD tech in brief

SCAD tech Group is an expert in the development and implementation of integrated solutions in the field of process automation.

We are a reliable manufacturer and integrator of advanced automated control systems for oil and gas sector, mining and metallurgical industries, energy, transport and infrastructure. By combining professional knowledge and competence with innovative technologies, we help our customers to solve their production requirements.

For creating our unique solutions, we use modern hardware and software systems of global leaders in the field of process automation, such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, B&R, ABB, as well as leading Russian manufacturers, eg. ProSoft. At our own facilities we produce dozens of types of high-quality products for automation systems.

SCAD tech is the leader in development of Russian software for the design of multi-level geographically distributed data collection and control systems and application softwares for managing pipelines.


Group of companies SCAD tech has over 17 years of experience in automotive industry and industrial automation, holds a strong position in oil and gas market and is a long-term reliable partner for both Russian and foreign companies.

The establishment of the company ROSSCATAVTO Ltd.
The production of the catalyst converters, catalyst collectors, the systems of exhaust gases discharge, catalystic silencers
The establishment of the SCAD tech company
The company has become a reliable partner of Continental Emitec Gmbh, FEV GmbH, Eldor Corporation Siemens AG.
The set up of a new activity area — Oil and gas
The trend of economic development, and our experience has allowed us to expand our portfolio and enter new market for the oil and gas industry. Specialization: automated control systems for enterprises of oil and gas industry.
The establishment of ASK Engineering Ltd.
Specialization: projects of automated control systems and telemechanics in the sphere of pipeline transport of oil and oil products; SCADA systems.
The opening of new divisions
Separate subdivisions of the SCAD tech in Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Togliatti and Tomsk were opened.
Consolidation the automobile business line
Сonsolidation of the automobile business into one structure — TechnoKom Ltd.
The opening of new divisions
The establishment of the branch office in Tyumen.
Sustainable development
The establishment of the branch office of SCAD tech in Khabarovsk. A brand-new software package SCAD CC Pipeline Kit was presented.


  alt  Name!


The name of SCAD tech is our greatest value that we have been proudly bearing in the past 7 years. This is a face of the enterprise that supplies its customers with first-class products, performing high-quality works in the shortest time slots. This is what our customers, partners and counterparties learn about us in the first place, which allows us to retain existing and win new ones, enlarging our business. We are proud of contributing to making our name more recognizable and our business reputation stronger. We can’t afford discretization or loss of trust from our customers, partners and counterparties! We always follow laws and comply with business ethics.

  alt  Reliability


Success of our partners is our goal. It is important for us that reliability is felt through our words and deeds, as well as confirmed by the services we provide. «Reliable» means transparent and professional for us: when words do not differ from deeds, everything is done before deadlines and exactly as agreed; products work in the way the manufacturer has promised.

  alt  The result

The result

It is important for us to achieve our goal; the result is important and not the process of reaching it. Beautiful words, actions and gestures are irrelevant if they do not lead to the desired result.

  alt  Focus on customers

Focus on customers

The customer is always in the first place. It is important for us that our client knows what to expect and can safely work with us and with our products and solutions; that one is satisfied and receives what was expected from us.

  alt  Team


Our main asset is our team. It is important for us when we take someone new in the team to work together for coordinated results of the entire team, not individual output. When we are in the team together, we will help the others and always receive help when needed. We always openly ask to leave the team if there are good reasons for that. There are rules for working in a team, and we comply with them.

  alt  Efficiency


Our high efficiency distinguishes us from competitors. Efficient solutions and actions are our focus. This means getting the required result with minimal expenses. Return on investment coefficient is more important than simply minimizing costs.

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